D365FO Finance & Supply Chain Summit 2023

Finance and Supply Chain Summit

11th March 2023 – Lisbon, Portugal

D365 Finance & Operations Community Summit 2023

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Summit will take place on 11th March 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. The largest  Microsoft ERP Community will be reuniting in Lisbon to address challenges of ERP delivering 5 Tracks of Deep Deep Sessions;

  1. Finance & Supply Chain
  2. HR & Commerce
  3. Development & Administration
  4. Power Platform for D365 FinOps
  5. Azure for D365 FinOps

11th March 2023 – Lisbon

10th March – Advanced Security Workshop. A Deep Dive Workshop on D365 Finance * Operations Security Configuration & Extensibility. 

10th March – Dual Write Workshop. A Deep Dive Day Workshop on Configuring Dual Write for D365 Finance & Operations 

3 Day Crash Course for Dynamics 365 Finance Functional Associate MB310 Preparation Delivered by Microsoft MVP’s

3 Day Crash Course for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Development MB500 Delivered by Microsoft MVP’s

Precon Workshops

10th March – Partner Round Table Talks for ERP Integration, Delivery & ISV’s

Conference Tracks

Dynamics 365



Supply Chain



Field Service

Project Ops

Power Platform


SLSpeakerSessions TitleDescription
1Leave old processes behind and speed up your daily workLet us show you how to automate your Accounts Payable with the new OCR functionality and your Accounts Receivable with Subscription Billing and reduce closing days for month end closing.
2Using process mining for cost accountingIn this session, I will demonstrate how out of the box process mining results can be used for activity based cost accounting scenarios in D365FO.
3How to use the Financial Reports tool in D365FOIn this session we will see how to use the Financial Reports (former Management Reporter) tool in D365FO. In the session we focus on how to use the 22 Default report definitions standard available in D365FO and the options to create your own additional financial statements.
4Making a Use Case for Multiple Master PlansFrom projecting the impact of potential sales on your inventory levels and spend to creating level load build plans, multiple master plan setups enable companies to prepare for whatever their supply chain throws at them. Join us to see real examples of these scenarios.
5 How Finance Insights can help you.During this session we’ll be reviewing the new functionality for the financial department thanks to Finance Insight. Finance insights provides configurable and extensible solutions to help you intelligently predict your company’s cash flow, predict when you may receive payment for outstanding receivables, and generate a budget proposal that can help speed up your budgeting process.
6D365 Human Resources – Latest updates and Roadmap!Introduction to Dynamics 365 & Human Resources – Latest updates on the Infrastructure Merge – What’s part of the upcoming roadmap in 2023 – D365 HR community and who can help you!
7Financial Controlling Tips & Best PracticesFinancial Controlling Tips & Best Practices
8Product Information Management in D365FODescription * User interface * Product type and subtype * Product and Product master * Storage dimensions * Tracking dimensions * Items groups * Item model groups * Item is a transaction.
SLSpeakerSessions TitleDescription
1Digging into process mining options with Dynamics 365 F&O dataJoin this session where André will take you on a journey of process mining options in the Power Automate Process Advisor and learn how to transform Dynamics 365 F&O transactional data into event logs.
2The ease of Lease of Asset with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and OperationsThis session will be on Asset leasing capability and walks through the steps for creating an asset lease and view information for those leases. Asset leasing is an advanced capability for managing, tracking, and automating financial transactions for leased assets in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. Asset leasing complies with International accounting standards (IFRS 16) and US GAAP standards (ASC 842). Asset leasing captures and processes information about the leases and helps generate journal entries throughout the lifecycle of the lease, from initial recognition, monthly journal entries, to impairment and termination of the lease. Asset leasing integrates seamlessly with other components of Dynamics 365 Finance, including Fixed assets, Accounts payable, and General ledger.
3Dynamics 365 Landed Cost ModuleFor which business requirements should you use Landed Cost Module? An end-to-end setup and implementation guide.
4 Do not mess it up!! Technical planning for Dynamics 365 FnO projectsIn this session we will try to give some basic guidelines to be able to plan the technical side of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations project. Architecture, LCS, environments, Azure DevOps, Power Platform integration and everything that is needed to not mess things up and for our project to be a success!
5Start using DDMRP in Dynamics 365 FODemand Driven MRP is a new concept of planning that aims to control all supply chain materials according to the true market demand.This workshop will show how to start using DDMRP in Dynamics. speaking about concepts, parameters, and common use cases to go from 0 to hero in this functionality.
6Dynamics 365 Commerce Architecture and TroubleshootingDynamics 365 Commerce Architecture and Troubleshooting
SLSpeakerSessions TitleDescription
1Customisation, Development & Performance Best PracticesCustomisation, Development & Performance Best Practices
2Lessons learned from 20+ template rolloutsIn this session you will get tips on how to ensure the template quality, how to manage your Golden Config environment and how to build a bullet proof process for copying configuration data between companies and environments, with minimum effort, while being able to focus on setting the business processes and creating business value for the end users. Automation is the key to maintaining the process and make it less affected by “The human factor”. We will also discuss the value in having a single source of truth for you configuration data to be able to monitor for accidental changes.
3D365FO, Git and ALM: how to deliver more, fasterIn this session, we’ll discuss how to use Git, Azure DevOps Pipelines plus automation to deliver more code faster. Topic covered will include a deep dive on Azure DevOps Process Templates, Source control options, Source Control Branching Strategies, build pipelines, code validation, Release Pipelines, All other Pipeline automation options Plus x++ package management and assorted other considerations for x++.
4Developing Unit Tests in D365FOThis session pretends to approach unit testing in F&O, which is a big taboo. And also talk about, not only what is a unit test and how to develop them, but why we don’t use unit tests. We are goint to face it from a practical perspective with a real case of development and how to unit test it, from the technical perspective
5D365 F&O Administrator: Possible automations with power automateIn this topic, we will explain how many automations we achieved in terms of F&O Administrations and release management. For example how to achieve DB refresh of UAT from production, Package application from more than one environment at once, Environment monitoring etc
6How to apply Data Management Framework in D365FSOnce a company starts a journey with D365FS, you need to provide a migration design to specify plan, process, strategy, and requirement for transferring data from legacy system to D365FS. Data Management Framework (DMF), a common tool, is one of the several that can be used for this purpose. In this session you will get better understanding on how you can take advantage of DMF to accomplish migration activities by covering following tasks: – What are data entities? – How to create data packages with logical sequence. – How to create templates based on modules or purposes. – Import, Export, and copy into legal entity
7Data Migration in D365FSData migration in D365FS implementation is a process of transferring data from customers’ existing ERP solution (e.g. legacy system) to D365FS. In this session we cover which tools that can be applied to facilitate and perform quality data migration within D365FS implementation.
8Updates, features and testing – ALM for a new ERP?When Microsoft introduced the One Version vision for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations the reactions were mostly “How on earth are we supposed to manage this” During our implementations we have seen the value (importance?) in establishing a “way-of-working” at an early stage to smoothly transition into the management of continuous update after golive. In this session we will look at a process for managing monthly updates, activation of features while ensuring a stable system at a reasonable effort and why it is important to take a long-term perspective to maintaining the system in a “Product-focused” approach rather than “Project-focused”.
SLSpeakerSessions TitleDescription
1Power Platform and DualWrite from a FnO perspectiveThe session will look at what to expect when implementing dualwrite; the process, the challenges and what you need to understand in order to get a smooth setup. We will also look at some of the troubleshooting and some workarounds.
2Integrate F&O with Power Pages (Portals)In this session you will learn how to use Power Pages (formerly knows as Power Apps Portals) to enable create, update, and delete (CRUD) operations to finance and operations entities that are available as virtual entities in Dataverse. You’ll also learn the scenarios that are implemented in Power Apps portals for finance and operations apps.
3Integrating Dataverse with SAPIn this session, we will analize the newest integration capabilities between Power Platform and SAP. We’ll discuss the pro and cons of each option, how they work and we’ll see it in action with a live demo.
4Starter Kit (Zero to Hero) Power Platform with D365 FinOpsThe convergence of Power Platform with D365 FinOps is on track and in progress, it’s time to learn as a starter kit for you all informations needed to jump and already start using it for your projects. We will see : 1. Basic Dataverse knowledge and PPAC. 2. Virtual Entities with D365 FinOps 3. Dual Write (CE Apps <=> FnO Apps) 4. Model Driven App with D365 FinOps 5. DataFlow integration with D365 FinOps and output events 6. Canvas Apps (Dev and embedded into D365 FinOps) 7. Power Automate advanced learning (Workflow, Business Events) 8. Power Virtual Agent with D365 FinOps 9. Power Pages with D365 FinOps 10. Build C# Plugin Dataverse for D365 FinOps (no more X++… :))
5 Power Apps & Dynamics 365 F&O: The good, the bad and the uglyDo you want to extend the functionality of Dynamics 365 F&O using Power Apps? In this session we will see how to create Power Apps canvas applications consuming data from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. We will try to show the pros and cons of the different options we have: The good (Virtual Tables), the bad (Dyn365FO Connector) and the ugly (Dual Write).
SLSpeakerSessions TitleDescription
1Integration best practices for D365FOThe session will introduce best practises for D365FO integration.
2Truck/Van inventory for Field Technicians in D365 Field ServiceJoin this session to learn how to empower field technicians to maintain their own Truck/Van inventory, get visibility of parts inventory level from main warehouse from D365 SCM, use parts in work order, perform transfer and adjustments, and order parts to Vendors etc.
3How to become a solution architect expert in Finance and Operationsall what you need to be a great solution architect for Finance and Operations
4D365 FO data to Data Lake to Azure Synapse – What’s involvedA demo on how to get D365 FO data into Azure Synapse from Data Lake using CDM Util and Function App. Will also try to create power bi reports connected directly to azure synapse reading data from D365 FO.
5Dynamics 365 F&O (and AX) Integrations with Logic AppsIn this session we’ll discuss all tooling available for using Logic Apps as part of your integrations. We’ll do a deep dive on available integration tooling in F&O such as Data Events, Business Events, Virtual Entities, Dual Write plus all related Azure infrastructure such as Azure Queues, Topics, Event Grids, Event Hugs, Blob Storage, HTTPS, Power Automate plus Dataverse. We’ll do a deep dive into all Logic App components, how to do design integrations with several examples plus review all components of a real working eCommerce integration.

D365FO Finance & Supply Chain Summit Venue

The Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Summit is the largest D365 FinOps focused community conference and bootcamp taking place on 11th March 2023 at Microsoft Lisbon Expo, Rua do Fogo de Santelmo Lote 2.07.02, 1990-110 Lisboa, Portugal. This is a Free Microsoft ERP Conference Organised By The Community Made Possible by Microsoft MVP’s and Microsoft Partners.

Nearest Airport: The venue is only 5 mins drive from Lisbon Airport

Nearest Hotels to Conference Venue:

  • Ikonin Lisboa
  • Eurostars Lisboa
  • Tivoli
  • Myriad Sana

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